Sunday, February 6, 2011

What might have beens

Hi. My first blog! Excited. so....not a good blogger but just bare with me ok?

My friend and I decided to meet at SM Megamall last week. He was there first, and I came in late. Mega dami pala tao sa FF Mega. Anyway, I was looking for my friend then I came across with a very familiar face but now different & a hotter body, Bob. He still maintains a great smile and approached me. "It's nice to see you again! how are you?" so we chatted for a bit and said our goodbyes. I stayed calm but I was dying inside honestly. How the hell he become so fucking hot?

2 silang nangliligaw sa akin 8 years ago, Bob & Ted. (ako na!) May nangyari sa amin ni Bob that time and It was the best sex so far. hahaha. but I thought Bob will never have time with me coz when he visited me sa apartment, he was in a hurry like drive thru sex grrr... because of his mom and yadda yadda.... (mama's boy kasi). I thought this guy can never give the time I want So Ted and I ended together... until now. Alam ni Bob yon but  Ted is the nicest, although Bob is hotter. lol. Ted intorduced me to his wonderful family and he was exactly what I  wanted for..... in short, perfect bf material. 

When I got home, i saw an invitation from my facebook account. It was hottie Bob. We chatted and finally scheduled to meet up on the weekend. I have some hesitations, because I know what was gonna happen so ... but In my mind, I want him. I lust for him, but my something is telling me, HUWAG! He even said "no strings attached and all... " so I said yes. Anyway i still the whole week to change my mind, but to my disappointment, I didn't. hahaha. Part of our conversation was the possibility of us. I asked him, "faithful ka kaya kung naging tayo?" he said yes. So he asked back "Ikaw?", I replied, with the sex that we had, YES!" hahahaha. slut! So...

I told Ted that I'll just be at the gym and later go to my friend's house as an excuse. Saturday afternoon, I texted Bob. kung matutuloy ba... and after an hour of no reply, i finally got a message "I just woke up and not feeling well... can we meet next weekend?" so I mean WTF! I was furious but at the same time, happy. furious because excited and horny na ako but happy because I don't have to be guilty about the whole thing. Pinaglalaruan lang ba niya ako? Ano ibig sabihin nito? Damn him! Anyways, thankful pa din ako because of what happened. I guess it is a sign to be faithful and all.... and if he texts again, i will never reply a yes. the sad thing is, i can always change my mind. Grrr....

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